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The “Oysternuts”, also known as “oil vine” is a liana of around 30 metres long that climbs up around trees and grows perfectly in the agroforests of our farmers in the Central East and East of Uganda.

The crop is a climate resistant plant that does not need extra land, fertilisers, pesticides or intensive labour.  The seeds have a tough shell (like an oyster) and the nuts grow in pots.

​Farmers have grown oyster nuts for generations. However, the crop has lost popularity over the years as there is no market for the nuts, like for many other crops in Uganda.

Fiber Foods and its clients believe the crop has the potential to be an exciting ingredient on the food market due to its chemical composition, being a source of protein, vitamin E, and healthy fats.

For the oyster nut, we started off in the same manner as we have done for jackfruit. The nuts will be sourced from our own smallh
older farmers network.

They will be transported to a local processing hub where value is added to the product. Thereafter, it is packaged and transported (export or locally). All is done in a traceable and transparent way.


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