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Do you want to discover a novel ingredient in an agroforest? Add value to a crop close to the source? Build a value chain that also women can benefit from? and that is transparent and traceable? Build a social brand with a story?

As a purpose driven company we have organised our services around the SDGs that we are committed to stay focused on the end goal.

SDG 1 To end poverty,
we develop new ingredients that create extra income for farmers for undervalued crops that often go to waste.


SDG 5 To achieve Gender Equality,
we build gender-sensitive value chains and create opportunities for women and girls. 
We train farming families in joint decision-making


UN SDGs - All.png

SDG 8 To promote economic growth and decent work

We create job opportunities in agro-processing close to the source. We establish fair prices, fair wages and living income trajectories. Next to this, we set up traceable and transparent value chains.

SDG 12 To support responsible consumption and production
We foster eating less meat and promote sustainable food systems. We build social brands with a story and we strive for circular and nett zero agro processing 


Fiber Foods loves to partner up towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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