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TechnoServe provides solutions for poverty by harnessing the power of the private sector. A leading nonprofit organisation operating in almost 30 countries around the world. We work with hardworking women and men in low-income communities to ensure they gain the skills, confidence, and connections to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries.

By linking people to information, capital, and markets, we have helped millions to create lasting prosperity for their families and communities.

With our support, organizations can implement traceability systems that ensure transparency from farm to fork, access international markets, and build sustainable networks of like-minded businesses.

We've already gone through the learning curve, and now we're ready to help you shorten yours.

Our project with Technoserve


With support of Technoserve we strengthen the supply chain for PrimeJack®. By setting up a data collection and analysis system to collect continuous agronomic information on jackfruit from our farmers and train farmers in agronomic practices.

GIZ: sustainable development for a liveable future

As a service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and international education work, GIZ is dedicated to shaping a future worth living around the world.

We have over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment promotion, energy and the environment, and peace and security.

Our project with GIZ

With support of GIZ we strengthen the impact of PrimeJack® on women and girls, by developing and implementing a support program and training for farming families.

Together with our partner Urithi Studio we develop a holistic training approach combining farming business skills, with joint decision making and gender awareness and regenerative farming practices. We also create access to successful supplier groups to extra income stream packages.   

Social Sustainability Fund (RVO):

SSF aims to support Dutch companies and their local producers and suppliers in socially responsible business practices.

Because of upcoming laws, companies must show how they avoid and address negative impacts in their supply chains.


As an unintended result, negative impacts can lead to local producers' and suppliers' exclusion from international markets. 


Our project with RVO

With support of SSF we are building up a social responsible and sustainable value chain of Oysternut.

Together with some of our likeminded customers that are interested in both this new ingredient as well as adapting to the socially responsible business- and reporting practices.      

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