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Agri value chains

Fiber Foods builds side chains for smallholder farming families. To increase their income base, climate resilience and promote the agroforestry system.

The side income is in addition to cash crops such as coffee, cacao, and vanilla.

Crops notoriously volatile in price and climate change are traditionally controlled by the family's men.

We are committed to increasing the income of our farmer base and their climate resilience by intending to develop more side income streams out of crops that still need to be commercialised while maintaining the regenerative balance in the garden.


We just started a second side chain: Oysternuts, which fits right in our story.

It is a crop that grows in an agroforestry system, has no commercial value and is therefore a blank canvas in terms of setting the conditions.

Our focus is now Oysternut, but Fiber Foods is open to discover new crops and develop production processes in co-creation with others.

harvest from agroforest

smallholder family farmers

focus on gender equality

fair price

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