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Fiber Foods is a social enterprise. We create side chains for farming communities, en-hancing their financial stability and resilience to climate change. 

We create economic opportunities close to
the source and promote regenerative food

UN SDGs - All.png

Fiber Foods contributes to :

SDG 1:
Farmers gain extra income and a fair price for an undervalued crop that often goes to waste.

SDG 5: We built a gender sensitive value chain and create opportunities for women and girls.

SDG 8: We foster economic growth in the agricultural sector and create decent jobs for a fair wage.

SDG 12: We foster eating less meat and promote sustainable food systems.

Where are we now?

  • 2022 – 700 farmers

  • 2023 – 1500 farmers

  • 2024 - 3000 farmers

  • 2025 – 6000 farmers

  • We currently have 30% female farmers in our system and strive to have at least 50% by 2025.

To achieve our impact targets Fiber Foods and her partners established sourcing principles:

harvest from

family farmers

focus on

fair price

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