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We are happy to introduce our traceability tool, a mobile app solution that enables us to monitor our supply chain, enhance our sustainability goals, and comply with food safety standards and upcoming regulations.

At the heart of our investment in this tool is sustainability. As a company that wants to make a positive contribution in East Africa, we are committed to ensuring that farmers get a fair price for their products, that we involve women and youth, and that we minimize our CO2 footprint.

Our traceability app enables us to monitor and validate tsocial and environmental goals, which enhances our credibility.

We can provide proof that we pay the farmers
a fair wage, which is crucial in today's market where consumers are increasingly interested in the ethics behind the products they buy.

Traceability also enables us to offer a compelling story to our B2B partners, which they can then communicate to consumers.

But best of all traceability made us more efficient as a company. Basically because with traceability you collect data. And the more data you have, the more efficient you become.



The app is made in close collaboration with our trusted tech-partner Beeholder. B.V.

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