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We want to help other ngos and private businesses select inclusive and sustainable value chains, develop sourcing strategies that empower smallholder farmers, create innovative value-added opportunities, and more.

At Fiber Foods, we've been on an adventure of our own, learning the ins and outs of building sustainable and inclusive value chains.

We've had our fair share of victories and setbacks, from navigating complex situations to developing innovative products that meet the demands of international markets.


But through it all, we've gained invaluable experience and knowledge that we're excited to share with other organizations looking to make a positive impact. Our services are designed to help others embark on their own adventure without having to face all the same challenges and obstacles we did.

With our support, organizations can implement traceability systems that ensure transparency from farm to fork, access international markets, and build sustainable networks of like-minded businesses.

We've already gone through the learning curve, and now we're ready to help you shorten yours.

So let Fiber Foods be your guide on this adventure towards a more sustainable
and inclusive future.

Looking to trace your sustainable food chain?

Our traceability app is a comprehensive tool that might also benefit your value chain. That's why, in collaboration with Beeholder, we are offering the app and our knowledge to shorten your learning curve. 

Our traceability services

Mapping of the needs and requirements 

  • In-depth session about the company’s value chain & strategic needs for traceability 

  • Document + flowchart of the company’s value chain & provide advice 

  • Presentation of the results

On-site training and capacity building 

  • Preparation of training based on needs 

  • On-site train the trainers on traceability system and interactive, practical demonstration of the app

  • Training materials

​Follow-up support & feedback implementation 

  • Monthly review of data entry 

  • Monthly advice on implementation 

Development of a communication plan 

  • Stakeholder mapping (done by client) 

  • Communication plan development 

  • Presentation of the results

Why using our tracability tool


  • Monitoring your social and environmental goals
    Fair pricing, income from jackfruit for farmers, women & youth involvement.


  • Marketing & Communication - B2B 
    Enhance brand value by validating social claims.


  • Marketing & Communication - B2C
    Offer storytelling and help our customers to market our jackfruit to their end consumers.


  • Complying with international regulations  Food safety laws and standards (FSSC, ISO22000), trade regulations and directives (CSRD)

  • Preparing for upcoming international regulations
    Carbon tax programmes, deforestation, forced labour, child labour, European CSDDD, Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.


  • Certifications (if asked for by clients) 
    Certifications in food require transparency of the supply chain, up to the plot of the farmer.

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