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PrimeJack® is a new, clean, allergen-free ingredient for the alternative and hybrid meat industry with an extremely high fiber content (57%)

The world of food is transitioning towards less meat and more plant-based alternatives. Jackfruit is a hero in this transition. Until now, jackfruit had limitations for adoption in the large-scale food industry.

Fiber Foods developed a clean technology resulting in dehydrated jackfruit (patent pending).Immature jackfruit is peeled, cut and dried after harvesting the fruits in Africa.

Jackfruit maintains a natural neutral taste, enabling it to absorb flavour, and reduces the transport footprint by almost 90%.


OUR PrimeJack®

  • Neutral in taste color smell

  • Applicable in large scale food production

  • Available in shapes to fit any food application

 Nutritional facts

  • Allergen-free & cholesterol-free

  • High in dietary fibres (57%)

  • Useful to improve nutriscore

    PrimeJack® is an easy to use neutral allergen free plant-based ingredient in any application:

The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Fiber Foods is on a mission to build a “net zero” value chain of dehydrated young jackfruit from East Africa. The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) that we are currently executing is finalized by the end of 2023.