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Fiber Foods is an impact first company. We create economic, social and sustainable value for all stakeholders. We source our Jackfruit from agroforests from small farmers and their families in rural communities in Uganda. We guarantee them a fair price. By processing the jackfruit at regional hubs, we create jobs and add value that stays in the Ugandan economy.


Fiber Foods was founded by Inez van Oord and Ineke Aquarius in Uganda with support of the Netherlands Embassy. The aim was to create a scalable gender friendly value chain together with the market. With our Ugandan processing partners and Team Tastemakers, Jan Peter Versteegen and Emiel Cevaal, the dried jackfruit product was developed. This led in 2021 to the establishment of Fiber Foods in the Netherlands who introduced this African innovation to the Dutch market.

Harvest Zahra weighing single jackfruit 2.JPG


Our board of advisors

Fiber Foods is establishing a board of advisors. Experienced people from the industry who are highly supportive of us by sharing their experiences and networks. 


We are honored to announce the first member of our board: Marian Wagenmakers.

We are hiring!

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